60 Hour Online TEFL Course

  • 60 hour online TEFL course
  • Dedicated, detailed tutor feedback
  • Learn the basic theory of TEFL
  • Study online on your tablet, computer or phone
  • Ideal if you want to do TEFL voluntary work
  • Available online from anywhere in the world

Course Summary

Pssst! Did you know that you don’t need any prior experience to take our TEFL courses, just a passion for teaching English!

60 Hours of training: Get a taster of studying TEFL

If you’re interested in what it’s like to study TEFL and are wondering if teaching English abroad is for you, our 60 hour online course is perfect for you!

Across 3 short weeks, you’ll get a good foundation in what TEFL training is like, as well as having the teaching skills to begin your TEFL journey.

This course is perfect if you’re looking to volunteer as a teacher or even if you’d like a refresher if you completed a full course years ago. Whatever the circumstances, it’s our quickest way to get a TEFL qualification!

What’s more, the entire course can be completed whenever and wherever you need to, whether that’s on the bus or from your sofa.


Only UK Regulated TEFL Qualification

Quality training means the best jobs

All of our training is Ofqual regulated which means employers will favour your CV over others. Check out what your certificate will look like!

Course breakdown

How it all works

If you want to get TEFL qualified as quickly as possible, our 60 hour course is unbeatable. You’ll learn how to plan excellent lessons as well as actually deliver them to a classroom full of students.

Because they whole of the course is taught online, you’re free to study whenever and wherever you need to – perfect for fitting around busy lives.

You’ll have access to the course for a total of 35 days, but most of our 60 hour graduates completed it within just 3 weeks!

With an engaging mix of quizzes, videos and real-life classroom situations, the training will fly by and you’ll be ready to teach English before you know it! Plus, with our expert tutor support and constructive feedback on assessments, you’ll feel totally prepared for life in the classroom.

What you'll learn

You’ll essentially get a taste for TEFL and whether it’s something you want to pursue. Over the 60 hours, you’ll get a solid foundation in teaching English abroad and what’s involved. If you’re wondering about specifics of what you’ll discover, here’s a little taster…

  • Lesson planning tools and tips
  • How to best teach grammar and vocabulary
  • The best ways to manage a class
  • How to turn TEFL theory into practice

Once you’ve studied the 60 Hour TEFL Course, we can guarantee you’ll be much more prepared to step into the classroom and know how to run an engaging and effective lesson!

Module breakdown

Wondering what exactly you’ll be studying on your 60 Hour TEFL Course? Here’s a brief overview of the online modules:

1. Lesson planning

Discover how to create a fun and engaging plan so your lessons run like clockwork!

Lesson content graphic

2. Lesson Content

You’ll learn how to deliver lessons that build your students’ skills in all four areas of language: reading, writing, speaking and listening.

3. Transferring skills into the classroom

Turning all the theory you’ve learnt over the 60 Hour TEFL Course into practice in the classroom.

4. Manageable assessments

Track what you’ve learnt through a multiple-choice test and written assessment before you’re ready to start applying to jobs.

5. Taking it further

The 60 Hour TEFL Course is designed to be a taster of a full TEFL qualification – speak to our expert TEFL team on what you can do to become a real TEFL pro!

Here for you

When TEFL is entirely new to you, it can seem a little scary… But this is where we come in! If you choose to do an i-to-i TEFL Course, you’ll have continual support throughout your studies. Whether it’s from our expert tutors providing helpful feedback on assessments, to our wonderful Customer Support team on hand, you’ll never be going it alone!

TEFL Tutor, Tracy Robinson

After almost 20 years in the industry, teaching students of all ages and nationalities, Tracy now uses her experience to train teachers to do the same! As our Director of Studies she is involved in creating and maintaining courses, looking after our tutors and candidates and dealing with day-to-day academic issues.
TEFL highlight: Tracy has worked all over, including four years in Japan where she realised TEFL was her calling.

TEFL Tutor, Lindsey Cottle

Lindsey is currently living in Amsterdam, where she’s worked for the university since late 2015. She’s previously worked all over including in India, Italy, Taiwan and the UK – but Hong Kong is her favourite teaching location after being thrown in the deep end at just 22. She loves the motivation and effort the weekend course students demonstrate, and can’t wait to meet you all there!
TEFL highlight: The new perspective you get – being invited into people’s houses for religious festivals, and being taught to cook local cuisine.

TEFL Tutor, Penny Campbell

TEFL superwoman Penny is qualified up to the eyeballs, and has lived and taught in some amazing locations like Egypt, Mexico and Japan over the past twenty years. It was a burning desire to see the world that spurred Penny to get qualified, but since then she’s learnt how rewarding and diverse a career in TEFL can be; she’s written books and exams, and produced online resources for the British Council. Phew!
TEFL highlight: When I qualified, online courses didn’t exist – so I did my CELTA qualification in Egypt, and loved it!

TEFL Tutor, Meryl Burgess

Leeds lass Meryl delivers courses around the north of England, and has volunteered and taught abroad in Ecuador, the Czech Republic and Australia. She’s been in the TEFL game for 15 years, and still gets a kick out of meeting the TEFL students who are off on amazing adventures around the world. Meryl’s favourite country is Ecuador, a diverse country with very welcoming locals.
TEFL highlight: Obtaining my visa to be able to teach in Ecuador involved illegal border crossings and bribery. Maybe not a highlight… but certainly memorable!

TEFL Tutor, Teresa Jacobs

Travel is Teresa’s passion, and her claim to fame is having visited every country in Europe, Scandinavia, China (with the toilet stories to prove it) and many of the ‘Stans! It’s just as well she’s a TEFL tutor, then, as she’s able to continue travelling (to Hanoi, New York, or even just Milton Keynes!) and inspire others to get out and have some meaningful adventures. Favourite destination: Brazil.
TEFL highlight: Working in Turkey, where in the mornings I taught in Asia and in the evenings, Europe!

TEFL Tutor, Annie da Silva

Portuguese-born Annie started life in Paris, but has lived in Johannesburg, South Africa for most of her life after her parents emigrated when she was two. She’s been a TEFL teacher in her home country for over 25 years, and a teacher trainer for over ten years. You’ll likely meet her if you take our classroom course in Jo’burg, so be sure to say hi!
TEFL highlight: I feel very privileged to do the work I do. There aren’t many jobs that expose you to so many different types of people and walks of life!

TEFL Tutor, Peter Bowdery

Peter lives and teaches in the Czech Republic, and is currently an online tutor for us. He’s been teaching for over twenty years in Poland, England and the Czech Republic, and in his spare time he translates, proofreads and writes materials for English course books, as well as lending his voice to recordings on these learning materials!

TEFL specialisation: Business English. I have a Trinity TESOL Certificate and RSA DELTA.

TEFL Tutor, Paul Myers

Paul lives in Hong Kong, and runs weekend courses in Bangkok and Hanoi. He started his TEFL career teaching in Korea, then moved on to Japan and China, and still nurses a passion for travel today. His favourite aspect of being a TEFL tutor is being instrumental in the lives of people who want to learn English, and he recognises that the teacher makes a huge difference in learning effectiveness.
Favourite place: Thailand, for sure. I think this is largely due to the incredibly friendly people. I’d love to teach there one day.

24/7 access

Study designed to fit around busy lives!

We’ve carefully created TEFL Courses that seamlessly fit into your everyday life. Whether it’s work, home or hobbies, there’s usually other things that studying needs to fit around. That’s why our Online TEFL Courses can all be accessed 24/7 from any device, as long as you’re connected to the internet! So whether you like to study early in the morning, on the bus to work or late in the evening, you’ll find it slots perfectly into even the busiest of schedules!

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This course showed me that teaching can be so easy and fulfilling, the way that I have taught in the past is no match to what I have learned in this course, I cannot wait to put all of this informatio... More

10th December 2018

To say that I was extremely impressed with i-to-i is an understatement! I found the course content very beneficial and the call center staff knowledgeable, friendly and helpful.

10th December 2018

Excellent course content and superb company support.Highly recommended!

10th December 2018

Thank you very much for such comprehensive, well-structured and practically useful TEFL course! Material was challenging at times, as well as quizzes and tests, but all very much educative. I would d... More

9th December 2018

I loved the TEFL courses. I did the 120 hour course and the advanced grammar course and the advanced grammar course.

9th December 2018

So, I-to-I approached me after I looked on their website at their TEFL jobs. I found their website through STA travel. The guy who messaged me, named Jay has been amazing, he has been really helpful... More

6th December 2018

Easy to understand and work through.

6th December 2018

I'm so happy with my choice to study further with i-to-i, this continues to be a fulfilling experience. Currently awaiting results but anticipating seeking opportunities with the knowledge I've gained... More

5th December 2018

I thought it will be a work in the park for me. It is challenging and Interesting.

5th December 2018

TEFL is an excellent course to pursue if you want to teach ESL students.

5th December 2018


Your questions, answered!

"Can I teach full-time with this 60 Hour TEFL Course?"

If your aim is to become a full-time English teacher, we’d suggest that you need the 120 Hour Online TEFL Course as a minimum. If you’re wanting to feel entirely prepared for life in the classroom, we recommend choosing a Combined TEFL Course which includes a weekend of classroom training. If you prefer the sound of all online training, you can always add a classroom course on at a later date.

"How do I get started on the 60 Hour Course?"

When you’ve bought your TEFL Course, you’ll get an email including an activation link. As soon as you click this link, your TEFL Course will begin. So if you want to start studying in a few weeks’ time, there’s no need to click the link until then. You can log onto your course from desktop, tablet or mobile as long as you’ve got an internet connection.

"During my course, do I get any feedback?"

Even though the 60 Hour Course is entirely online, you’ll get feedback on all your final assessments from an expert TEFL tutor (real human!) Throughout the course, you’ll also receive feedback as you progress to make sure you’re on track. We pride ourselves on offering unrivalled support – including a wonderful Customer Support team and Academic Director on hand at i-to-i HQ!

If you'd like to find out more about this course, give us a call on 877 526 3959. We can't wait to hear from you!

Discover TEFLcourses.com: A world-leading TEFL Course provider

Regulated – Accredited – Trusted

Our TEFL Courses are internationally-recognised and regulated by Ofqual, the English Government body responsible for ensuring the highest quality of qualifications. You can be confident that with a TEFLcourses.com qualification, your CV will rise to the top of the TEFL pile!

ofqual-iconWhat’s Ofqual?

Ofqual is the English Government department responsible for ensuring qualifications are of the highest quality. Having Ofqual regulation is a brilliant stamp of approval and is something that TEFL employers look for when trying to find the perfect TEFL teacher!

Why do I need Ofqual?

Even though there’re lots of TEFL jobs in the world, there are equally lots of TEFL teachers! It’s important to stand out from the crowd when applying – and that’s where our courses come in to help! With Ofqual regulation and a long-established, recognised provider like i-to-i on your CV, you’ll have a huge advantage over other candidates.


Did you know?

We’ve also received independent accreditation from the ODLQC (Open & Distance Learning Quality Council) which is recognised by employers across the globe, giving you a qualification which will give you the best start on your TEFL journey!

Take a sneak peek at what your certificate could look like!

With so many TEFL courses out there to choose from, it’s hard to know where to start. So here’s our top tips for things to look out for.

  • English Government Regulation - Make sure that the course you’re about to start has been independently checked and leads to a regulated qualification. The Ofqual seal of approval gives employers the confidence that you’ve got the best qualification around!
  • Experience - With over 23 years’ experience in TEFL, we’ve carved the path for TEFL courses. Since the world’s first weekend TEFL course in 1994 leading to the world’s first online TEFL course in 2001, you’ll be training with a world leading provider.
  • Help & Support - You’re bound to have questions during your course so make sure you’ll get the support you need. Our TEFL courses come with a personal tutor so you can tap into their TEFL wisdom along the way. What’s more our lovely Customer Support Team and Academic Director are always on hand based at teflcourses.com!

Why TEFLcourses.com?


Quality & value

Our qualifications open doors all over the world, we’re accredited & regulated by all the right people and innovation is kind of our thing.


Support & advice

We know this is all new to you – but we make it new ‘exciting’ not new ‘scary’. And we’ll hold your hand as tight, and for as long, as you need.


Experience & knowledge

We wrote the book on this stuff,we’ve been around the longest and have handed out more TEFL courses than anyone – about 182,000 and counting.

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It is refreshing to be greeted by smiling faces every single time you step outside the door. And trust me it is every – single - time!
I had so many laughs with kids I had never even met, which truly reflects the power of living in a small Thai community, and discovering ‘real’ Thailand.
While I worked a job and went to school full-time, I kept daydreaming about how I would wind up where I am today. I'm living a dream come true.
The kids will surprise you with how much they know at such a young age, and whatever age you get given you will find it a hugely rewarding experience.
The entire team has been amazing and in all honesty, I can't imagine doing any of it without them. They've settled me in, calmed my nerves and boosted my confidence.
The seven weeks I have had here in Colombia have been indescribable; an unforgettable experience made even better by the incredible people I have met along the way.
It was an absolutely amazing experience and one which I miss every day. It was absolutely fascinating, I loved it!
Sitting with the others, chatting and laughing the night away, it felt like I was at Fresher’s again and I loved every single minute of it.
China is one big classroom in itself for me: a different dish to try, a new phrase to learn… and for this experience, I just feel really grateful.
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